A Physically Plausible Model for Rendering Highly Scattering Fluorescent Participating Media

Marwan Abdellah, Ahmet Bilgili, Stefan Eilemann, Henry Markram, Felix Schürmann

We present a novel extension of the path tracing algorithm that is capable of treating highly scattering participating media in the presence of fluorescent structures. The extension is based on the formulation of the full radiative transfer equation when solved on a per-wavelength-basis, resulting in accurate model and unbiased algorithm for rendering highly scattering fluorescent participating media. The model accounts for the intrinsic properties of fluorescent dyes including their absorption and emission spectra, molar absorptivity and quantum yield and also their concentration. Our algorithm is applied to render highly scattering isotropic fluorescent solutions under different illumination conditions. The spectral performance of the model is validated against emission spectra of different fluorescent dyes that are of significance in spectroscopy.

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