Neutron-induced strike: Study of multiple node charge collection in 14nm FinFETs

Nanditha P. Rao, Madhav P. Desai

FinFETs have replaced the conventional bulk CMOS transistors in the sub-20nm technology. One of the key issues to consider is, the vulnerability of FinFET based circuits to multiple node charge collection due to neutron-induced strikes. In this paper, we perform a device simulation based characterization study on representative layouts of 14nm bulk FinFETs in order to study the extent to which multiple transistors are affected. We find that multiple transistors do get affected and the impact can last up to five transistors away (~200nm). We show that the potential of source/drain regions in the neighborhood of the strike is a significant contributing factor. In the case of multi-fin FinFETs, the charge collected per fin is seen to reduce as the number of fins increase. Thus, smaller FinFETs are susceptible to high amounts of charge collection.

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