Robust Tracking Guidance for Zero Propellant Maneuver

Sheng Zhang, Qian Zhao, Hai-bing Huang, Guo-Jin Tang

The Zero Propellant Maneuver (ZPM) maneuvers the space station by large angle, utilizing the Control Momentum Gyroscopes (CMGs) only. A robust tracking guidance strategy is proposed to enhance its performance. It is distinguished from the traditional trajectory tracking guidance in that the reference trajectory is adjusted on-line, under the inspiration of eliminating the discrepancy on the total angular momentum of the space station system. The Lyapunov controller is developed to adjust the attitude trajectory and further redesigned for a better performance based on an interesting physical phenomenon, which is taken advantage of by coupling the components of state vector. The adjusted trajectory is then tracked to reach the target states of maneuver. Simulations results show that the disturbance effects arising from initial state errors, parameter uncertainty and modeling errors are attenuated or even eliminated, which verifies the robustness of the guidance strategy.

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