A Minimal Set of Shannon-type Inequalities for Functional Dependence Structures

Satyajit Thakor, Terence Chan, Alex Grant

The minimal set of Shannon-type inequalities (referred to as elemental inequalities), plays a central role in determining whether a given inequality is Shannon-type. Often, there arises a situation where one needs to check whether a given inequality is a constrained Shannon-type inequality. Another important application of elemental inequalities is to formulate and compute the Shannon outer bound for multi-source multi-sink network coding capacity. Under this formulation, it is the region of feasible source rates subject to the elemental inequalities and network coding constraints that is of interest. Hence it is of fundamental interest to identify the redundancies induced amongst elemental inequalities when given a set of functional dependence constraints. In this paper, we characterize a minimal set of Shannon-type inequalities when functional dependence constraints are present.

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