Fair Airtime Allocation for Content Dissemination in WiFi-Direct-Based Mobile Social Networks

Zhifei Mao, Yuming Jiang

The vast penetration of smart mobile devices provides a unique opportunity to make mobile social networking pervasive by leveraging the feature of short-range wireless communication technologies (e.g. WiFi Direct). In this paper, we study local content dissemination in WiFi-Direct-based mobile social networks (MSNs). We propose a simple GO-coordinated dissemination strategy, as WiFi Direct does not originally support content dissemination. Due to mobility and the short transmission range, the duration of nodes in contact tends to be limited and consequently they compete for the limited airtime to disseminate their own data. Therefore, fair allocation of the limited airtime among the nodes is required. We focus on fairness in content dissemination rate, which is a key application-layer metric, rather than fairness in throughput or airtime and formulate the allocation problem as a generalized Nash bargaining game wherein the nodes bargain for a share of the limited airtime. The game is proved to have a unique optimal solution, and an algorithm with low complexity is designed to find the optimal solution. Furthermore, we propose a detailed scheduling approach to implement the optimal solution. We also present numerical results to evaluate the Nash bargaining based allocation and scheduling.

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