Image Crowd Counting Using Convolutional Neural Network and Markov Random Field

Kang Han, Wanggen Wan, Haiyan Yao, Li Hou

In this paper, we propose a method called Convolutional Neural Network-Markov Random Field (CNN-MRF) to estimate the crowd count in a still image. We first divide the dense crowd visible image into overlapping patches and then use a deep convolutional neural network to extract features from each patch image, followed by a fully connected neural network to regress the local patch crowd count. Since the local patches have overlapping portions, the crowd count of the adjacent patches has a high correlation. We use this correlation and the Markov random field to smooth the counting results of the local patches. Experiments show that our approach significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art methods on UCF and Shanghaitech crowd counting datasets.

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