Recommendations for Marketing Campaigns in Telecommunication Business based on the footprint analysis

J. Sidorova, L. Skold, O. Rosander, L. Lundberg

A major investment made by a telecom operator goes into the infrastructure and its maintenance, while business revenues are proportional to how big and good the customer base is. We present a data-driven analytic strategy based on combinatorial optimization and analysis of historical data. The data cover historical mobility of the users in one region of Sweden during a week. Applying the proposed method to the case study, we have identified the optimal proportion of geo-demographic segments in the customer base, developed a functionality to assess the potential of a planned marketing campaign, and explored the problem of an optimal number and types of the geo-demographic segments to target through marketing campaigns. With the help of fuzzy logic, the conclusions of data analysis are automatically translated into comprehensible recommendations in a natural language.

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