AFIF4: Deep Gender Classification based on AdaBoost-based Fusion of Isolated Facial Features and Foggy Faces

Mahmoud Afifi, Abdelrahman Abdelhamed

Gender classification aims at recognizing a person's gender. Despite the high accuracy achieved by state-of-the-art methods for this task, there is still room for improvement in generalized and unrestricted datasets. In this paper, we advocate a new strategy inspired by the behavior of humans in gender recognition. Instead of dealing with the face image as a sole feature, we rely on the combination of isolated facial features and a holistic feature which we call the foggy face. Then, we use these features to train deep convolutional neural networks followed by an AdaBoost-based score fusion to infer the final gender class. We evaluate our method on four challenging datasets to demonstrate its efficacy in achieving better or on-par accuracy with state-of-the-art methods. In addition, we present a new face dataset that intensifies the challenges of occluded faces and illumination changes, which we believe to be a much-needed resource for gender classification research.

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