A New Adaptive Video Super-Resolution Algorithm With Improved Robustness to Innovations

Ricardo Augusto Borsoi, Guilherme Holsbach Costa, José Carlos Moreira Bermudez

In this paper, a new video super-resolution reconstruction (SRR) method with improved robustness to outliers is proposed. Although the R-LMS is one of the SRR algorithms with the best reconstruction quality for its computational cost, and is naturally robust to registration inaccuracies, its performance is known to degrade severely in the presence of innovation outliers. By studying the proximal point cost function representation of the R-LMS iterative equation, a better understanding of its performance under different situations is attained. Using statistical properties of typical innovation outliers, a new cost function is then proposed and two new algorithms are derived, which present improved robustness to outliers while maintaining computational costs comparable to that of R-LMS. Monte Carlo simulation results illustrate that the proposed method outperforms the traditional and regularized versions of LMS, and is competitive with state-of-the-art SRR methods at a much smaller computational cost.

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