Development of a passive Rehabilitation Robot for the wrist joint through the implementation of an Arduino UNO microcontroller

E Ceballos, M Díaz-Rodriguez, P Paredes, P Vargas

In this research was implemented the use of an Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller to control the movements of a prototype robotic functional developed to perform rehabilitation exercises in the wrist joint; This device can be used to assist the physiatrist to rehabilitate the tendinitis, synovitis, rheumatoid arthritis and for pre-operative and post-operative therapy in this joint. During the design stage of the functional prototype, the methodology of the industrial design process was used from a concurrent engineering approach, through which anthropometric studies could be performed related to the dimensions and angles of movement of the wrist joint in the population Venezuelan from the information collected, the design proposal was elaborated, and the use of CAD programs defined the different forms, geometries and materials of the components of the rehabilitation device, which were later analyzed using the finite element method for the determination The tensional state of efforts and safety factors through the use of CAE programs. In addition, a software was developed for the acquisition, registration, reproduction and execution of the different movements produced during the rehabilitation therapy. Through the research developed, a device was designed that will help the rehabilitation of the wrist joint allowing the combination of dorsal-palmar flexion and ulnar-radial movements to recover the joint function of various pathologies presented in the Venezuelan population.

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