Plan, Attend, Generate: Character-level Neural Machine Translation with Planning in the Decoder

Caglar Gulcehre, Francis Dutil, Adam Trischler, Yoshua Bengio

We investigate the integration of a planning mechanism into an encoder-decoder architecture with an explicit alignment for character-level machine translation. We develop a model that plans ahead when it computes alignments between the source and target sequences, constructing a matrix of proposed future alignments and a commitment vector that governs whether to follow or recompute the plan. This mechanism is inspired by the strategic attentive reader and writer (STRAW) model. Our proposed model is end-to-end trainable with fully differentiable operations. We show that it outperforms a strong baseline on three character-level decoder neural machine translation on WMT'15 corpus. Our analysis demonstrates that our model can compute qualitatively intuitive alignments and achieves superior performance with fewer parameters.

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