dSDiVN: a distributed Software-Defined Networking architecture for Infrastructure-less Vehicular Networks

Ahmed Alioua, Sidi-Mohammed Senouci, Samira Moussaoui

In the last few years, the emerging network architecture paradigm of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), has become one of the most important technology to manage large scale networks such as Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs). Recently, several works have shown interest in the use of SDN paradigm in VANETs. SDN brings flexibility, scalability and management facility to current VANETs. However, almost all of proposed Software-Defined VANET (SDVN) architectures are infrastructure-based. This paper will focus on how to enable SDN in infrastructure-less vehicular environments. For this aim, we propose a novel distributed SDN-based architecture for uncovered infrastructure-less vehicular scenarios. It is a scalable cluster-based architecture with distributed mobile controllers and a reliable fall back recovery mechanism based on self-organized clustering and failure anticipation.

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