A Large-Scale CNN Ensemble for Medication Safety Analysis

Liliya Akhtyamova, Andrey Ignatov, John Cardiff

Revealing Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) is an essential part of post-marketing drug surveillance, and data from health-related forums and medical communities can be of a great significance for estimating such effects. In this paper, we propose an end-to-end CNN-based method for predicting drug safety on user comments from healthcare discussion forums. We present an architecture that is based on a vast ensemble of CNNs with varied structural parameters, where the prediction is determined by the majority vote. To evaluate the performance of the proposed solution, we present a large-scale dataset collected from a medical website that consists of over 50 thousand reviews for more than 4000 drugs. The results demonstrate that our model significantly outperforms conventional approaches and predicts medicine safety with an accuracy of 87.17% for binary and 62.88% for multi-classification tasks.

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