Secure and Private Cloud Storage Systems with Random Linear Fountain Codes

Mohsen Karimzadeh Kiskani, Hamid Sadjadpour

An information theoretic approach to security and privacy called Secure And Private Information Retrieval (SAPIR) is introduced. SAPIR is applied to distributed data storage systems. In this approach, random combinations of all contents are stored across the network. Our coding approach is based on Random Linear Fountain (RLF) codes. To retrieve a content, a group of servers collaborate with each other to form a Reconstruction Group (RG). SAPIR achieves asymptotic perfect secrecy if at least one of the servers within an RG is not compromised. Further, a Private Information Retrieval (PIR) scheme based on random queries is proposed. The PIR approach ensures the users privately download their desired contents without the servers knowing about the requested contents indices. The proposed scheme is adaptive and can provide privacy against a significant number of colluding servers.

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