Compositional Hoare-style Reasoning about Hybrid CSP in the Duration Calculus

Dimitar Guelev, Shuling Wang, Naijun Zhan

Deductive methods for the verification of hybrid systems vary on the format of statements in correctness proofs. Building on the example of Hoare triple-based reasoning, we have investigated several such methods for systems described in Hybrid CSP, each based on a different assertion language, notation for time, and notation for proofs, and each having its pros and cons with respect to expressive power, compositionality and practical convenience. In this paper we propose a new approach based on weakly monotonic time as the semantics for interleaving, the Duration Calculus (DC) with infinite intervals and general fixpoints as the logic language, and a new meaning for Hoare-like triples which unifies assertions and temporal conditions. We include a proof system for reasoning about the properties of systems written in the new form of triples that is complete relative to validity in DC.

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