Domain Specific Semantic Validation of Annotations

Umutcan Şimşek, Elias Kärle, Omar Holzknecht, Dieter Fensel

Since its unveiling in 2011, has become the de facto standard for publishing semantically described structured data on the web, typically in the form of web page annotations. The increasing adoption of facilitates the growth of the web of data, as well as the development of automated agents that operate on this data. is a large heterogeneous vocabulary that covers many domains. This is obviously not a bug, but a feature, since aims to describe almost everything on the web, and the web is huge. However, the heterogeneity of may cause a side effect, which is the challenge of picking the right classes and properties for an annotation in a certain domain, as well as keeping the annotation semantically consistent. In this work, we introduce our rule based approach and an implementation of it for validating annotations from two aspects: (a) the completeness of the annotations in terms of a specified domain, (b) the semantic consistency of the values based on pre-defined rules. We demonstrate our approach in the tourism domain.

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