Traffic Analysis and Control at Proxy Server

Soumen Kanrar, Niranjan Kumar Mandal

Bandwidth optimization for real-time video traffic transmission through the proxy server is a challenging issue for the next- generation network. The self - control of the traffic rate at the proxy server is based on the relative data present in the proxy server or to import the require data from the remote data center node. The smoothness of traffic transmission is highly depended on the self -configuration in the cache memory at the proxy server by used of optimized page replacement procedure. The web proxy cache memory is finite in size. The system performance is highly depended upon the self- optimization of the traffic rate at the proxy server. This paper presents the effect of zipf- distribution parameters to the outbound request and the effect of the parameters to measure the bandwidth requirement for the desire video file. This paper presents some of the relevant results for bandwidth optimization and the effect of traffic control during active transmission for various sizes of video file through the proxy server.

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