Approximation of Bandwidth for the Interactive Operation in Video on Demand System

Soumen Kanrar, Niranjan Kumar Mandal

An interactive session of video-on-demand (VOD) streaming procedure deserves smooth data transportation for the viewer, irrespective of their geographic location. To access the required video, bandwidth management during the video objects transportation at any interactive session is a mandatory prerequisite. It has been observed in the domain likes movie on demand, electronic encyclopedia, interactive games, and educational resources. The required data is imported from the distributed storage servers through the high speed backbone network. This paper presents the viewer driven session based multi-user model with respect to the overlay mesh network. In virtue of reality, the direct implication of this work elaborately shows the required bandwidth is a causal part in the video on demand system. The analytic model of session based single viewer bandwidth requirement model presents the bandwidth requirement for any interactive session like, pause, move slow, rewind, skip some number of frames, or move fast with some constant number of frames. This work presents the bandwidth requirement model for any interactive session that brings the trade-off in data-transportation and storage costs for different system resources and also for the various system configurations.

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