Optimized Household Demand Management with Local Solar PV Generation

Seyyed Hamid Elyas, Hamidreza Sadeghian, Hayder O. Alwan, Zhifang Wang

Demand Side Management (DSM) strategies are of-ten associated with the objectives of smoothing the load curve and reducing peak load. Although the future of demand side manage-ment is technically dependent on remote and automatic control of residential loads, the end-users play a significant role by shifting the use of appliances to the off-peak hours when they are exposed to Day-ahead market price. This paper proposes an optimum so-lution to the problem of scheduling of household demand side management in the presence of PV generation under a set of tech-nical constraints such as dynamic electricity pricing and voltage deviation. The proposed solution is implemented based on the Clonal Selection Algorithm (CSA). This solution is evaluated through a set of scenarios and simulation results show that the proposed approach results in the reduction of electricity bills and the import of energy from the grid.

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