Improved Approximate Rips Filtrations with Shifted Integer Lattices

Aruni Choudhary, Michael Kerber, Sharath Raghvendra

Rips complexes are important structures for analyzing topological features of metric spaces. Unfortunately, generating these complexes constitutes an expensive task because of a combinatorial explosion in the complex size. For $n$ points in $\mathbb{R}^d$, we present a scheme to construct a $3\sqrt{2}$-approximation of the multi-scale filtration of the $L_\infty$-Rips complex, which extends to a $O(d^{0.25})$-approximation of the Rips filtration for the Euclidean case. The $k$-skeleton of the resulting approximation has a total size of $n2^{O(d\log k)}$. The scheme is based on the integer lattice and on the barycentric subdivision of the $d$-cube.

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