A Geometric Analysis of Power System Loadability Regions

Y. Weng, R. Rajagopal, B. Zhang

Understanding the feasible power flow region is of central importance to power system analysis. In this paper, we propose a geometric view of the power system loadability problem. By using rectangular coordinates for complex voltages, we provide an integrated geometric understanding of active and reactive power flow equations on loadability boundaries. Based on such an understanding, we develop a linear programming framework to 1) verify if an operating point is on the loadability boundary, 2) compute the margin of an operating point to the loadability boundary, and 3) calculate a loadability boundary point of any direction. The proposed method is computationally more efficient than existing methods since it does not require solving nonlinear optimization problems or calculating the eigenvalues of the power flow Jacobian. Standard IEEE test cases demonstrate the capability of the new method compared to the current state-of-the-art methods.

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