Inter-Session Modeling for Session-Based Recommendation

Massimiliano Ruocco, Ole Steinar Lillestøl Skrede, Helge Langseth

In recent years, research has been done on applying Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) as recommender systems. Results have been promising, especially in the session-based setting where RNNs have been shown to outperform state-of-the-art models. In many of these experiments, the RNN could potentially improve the recommendations by utilizing information about the user's past sessions, in addition to its own interactions in the current session. A problem for session-based recommendation, is how to produce accurate recommendations at the start of a session, before the system has learned much about the user's current interests. We propose a novel approach that extends a RNN recommender to be able to process the user's recent sessions, in order to improve recommendations. This is done by using a second RNN to learn from recent sessions, and predict the user's interest in the current session. By feeding this information to the original RNN, it is able to improve its recommendations. Our experiments on two different datasets show that the proposed approach can significantly improve recommendations throughout the sessions, compared to a single RNN working only on the current session. The proposed model especially improves recommendations at the start of sessions, and is therefore able to deal with the cold start problem within sessions.

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