Communication-Aware Computing for Edge Processing

Songze Li, Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali, A. Salman Avestimehr

We consider a mobile edge computing problem, in which mobile users offload their computation tasks to computing nodes (e.g., base stations) at the network edge. The edge nodes compute the requested functions and communicate the computed results to the users via wireless links. For this problem, we propose a Universal Coded Edge Computing (UCEC) scheme for linear functions to simultaneously minimize the load of computation at the edge nodes, and maximize the physical-layer communication efficiency towards the mobile users. In the proposed UCEC scheme, edge nodes create coded inputs of the users, from which they compute coded output results. Then, the edge nodes utilize the computed coded results to create communication messages that zero-force all the interference signals over the air at each user. Specifically, the proposed scheme is universal since the coded computations performed at the edge nodes are oblivious of the channel states during the communication process from the edge nodes to the users.

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