Design and evaluation of chaotic iterations based keyed hash function

Zhuosheng Lin, Christophe Guyeux, Simin Yu, Qianxue Wang

Investigating how to construct a secure hash algorithm needs in-depth study, as various existing hash functions like the MD5 algorithm have recently exposed their security flaws. At the same time, hash function based on chaotic theory has become an emerging research in the field of nonlinear information security. As an extension of our previous research works, a new chaotic iterations keyed hash function is proposed in this article. Chaotic iterations are used both to construct strategies with pseudorandom number generator and to calculate new hash values using classical hash functions. It is shown that, by doing so, it is possible to apply a kind of post-treatment on existing hash algorithms, which preserves their security properties while adding Devaney's chaos. Security performance analysis of such a post-treatment are finally provided.

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