Deep Semantics-Aware Photo Adjustment

Seonghyeon Nam, Seon Joo Kim

Automatic photo adjustment is to mimic the photo retouching style of professional photographers and automatically adjust photos to the learned style. There have been many attempts to model the tone and the color adjustment globally with low-level color statistics. Also, spatially varying photo adjustment methods have been studied by exploiting high-level features and semantic label maps. Those methods are semantics-aware since the color mapping is dependent on the high-level semantic context. However, their performance is limited to the pre-computed hand-crafted features and it is hard to reflect user's preference to the adjustment. In this paper, we propose a deep neural network that models the semantics-aware photo adjustment. The proposed network exploits bilinear models that are the multiplicative interaction of the color and the contexual features. As the contextual features we propose the semantic adjustment map, which discovers the inherent photo retouching presets that are applied according to the scene context. The proposed method is trained using a robust loss with a scene parsing task. The experimental results show that the proposed method outperforms the existing method both quantitatively and qualitatively. The proposed method also provides users a way to retouch the photo by their own likings by giving customized adjustment maps.

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