A hypothesis testing approach for communication over entanglement assisted compound quantum channel

Anurag Anshu, Rahul Jain, Naqueeb Ahmad Warsi

We study the problem of communication over a compound quantum channel in the presence of entanglement. Classically such channels are modeled as a collection of conditional probability distributions wherein neither the sender nor the receiver is aware of the channel being used for transmission, except for the fact that it belongs to this collection. We provide near optimal achievability and converse bounds for this problem in the one-shot quantum setting in terms of quantum hypothesis testing divergence. We also consider the case of informed sender, showing a one-shot achievability result that converges appropriately in the asymptotic and i.i.d. setting. Our achievability proof is similar in spirit to its classical counterpart. To arrive at our result, we use the technique of position-based decoding along with a new approach for constructing a union of two projectors, which can be of independent interest. We give another application of the union of projectors to the problem of testing composite quantum hypotheses.

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