VCube-PS: A Causal Broadcast Topic-based Publish/Subscribe System

João Paulo de Araujo, Luciana Arantes, Elias P. Duarte, Luiz A. Rodrigues, Pierre Sens

In this work we present VCube-PS, a topic-based Publish/Subscribe system built on the top of a virtual hypercube-like topology. Membership information and published messages are broadcast to subscribers (members) of a topic group over dynamically built spanning trees rooted at the publisher. For a given topic, the delivery of published messages respects the causal order. VCube-PS was implemented on the PeerSim simulator, and experiments are reported including a comparison with the traditional Publish/Subscribe approach that employs a single rooted static spanning-tree for message distribution. Results confirm the efficiency of VCube-PS in terms of scalability, latency, number and size of messages.

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