Minimum BER Precoding in 1-Bit Massive MIMO Systems

Hela Jedda, Josef A. Nossek, Amine Mezghani

1-bit digital-to-analog (DACs) and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are gaining more interest in massive MIMO systems for economical and computational efficiency. We present a new precoding technique to mitigate the inter-user-interference (IUI) and the channel distortions in a 1-bit downlink MUMISO system with QPSK symbols. The transmit signal vector is optimized taking into account the 1-bit quantization. We develop a sort of mapping based on a look-up table (LUT) between the input signal and the transmit signal. The LUT is updated for each channel realization. Simulation results show a significant gain in terms of the uncoded bit-error-ratio (BER) compared to the existing linear precoding techniques.

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