A Robust Data Hiding Process Contributing to the Development of a Semantic Web

Jacques M. Bahi, Jean-François Couchot, Nicolas Friot, Christophe Guyeux

In this paper, a novel steganographic scheme based on chaotic iterations is proposed. This research work takes place into the information hiding framework, and focus more specifically on robust steganography. Steganographic algorithms can participate in the development of a semantic web: medias being on the Internet can be enriched by information related to their contents, authors, etc., leading to better results for the search engines that can deal with such tags. As media can be modified by users for various reasons, it is preferable that these embedding tags can resist to changes resulting from some classical transformations as for example cropping, rotation, image conversion, and so on. This is why a new robust watermarking scheme for semantic search engines is proposed in this document. For the sake of completeness, the robustness of this scheme is finally compared to existing established algorithms.

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