Efficient Radio Resource Management for Wireless Cellular Networks with Mobile Edge Computing

Chenmeng Wang, S. Hu

Mobile edge computing (MEC) has attracted great interests as a promising approach to augment computational capabilities of mobile devices. An important issue in the MEC paradigm is computation offloading. In this paper, we propose an integrated framework for computation offloading and interference management in wireless cellular networks with mobile edge computing. In this integrated framework, the MEC server makes the offloading decision according to the local computation overhead estimated by all user equipments (UEs) and the offloading overhead estimated by the MEC server itself. Then, the MEC server performs the PRB allocation using graph coloring. The outcomes of the offloading decision and PRB allocation are then used to allocate the computation resource of the MEC server to the UEs. Simulation results are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed scheme with different system parameters.

Knowledge Graph



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