Efficient Online Timed Pattern Matching by Automata-Based Skipping

Masaki Waga, Ichiro Hasuo, Kohei Suenaga

The timed pattern matching problem is an actively studied topic because of its relevance in monitoring of real-time systems. There one is given a log $w$ and a specification $\mathcal{A}$ (given by a timed word and a timed automaton in this paper), and one wishes to return the set of intervals for which the log $w$, when restricted to the interval, satisfies the specification $\mathcal{A}$. In our previous work we presented an efficient timed pattern matching algorithm: it adopts a skipping mechanism inspired by the classic Boyer--Moore (BM) string matching algorithm. In this work we tackle the problem of online timed pattern matching, towards embedded applications where it is vital to process a vast amount of incoming data in a timely manner. Specifically, we start with the Franek-Jennings-Smyth (FJS) string matching algorithm---a recent variant of the BM algorithm---and extend it to timed pattern matching. Our experiments indicate the efficiency of our FJS-type algorithm in online and offline timed pattern matching.

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