A Parameterized Approach to Personalized Variable Length Summarization of Soccer Matches

Mohak Sukhwani, Ravi Kothari

We present a parameterized approach to produce personalized variable length summaries of soccer matches. Our approach is based on temporally segmenting the soccer video into 'plays', associating a user-specifiable 'utility' for each type of play and using 'bin-packing' to select a subset of the plays that add up to the desired length while maximizing the overall utility (volume in bin-packing terms). Our approach systematically allows a user to override the default weights assigned to each type of play with individual preferences and thus see a highly personalized variable length summarization of soccer matches. We demonstrate our approach based on the output of an end-to-end pipeline that we are building to produce such summaries. Though aspects of the overall end-to-end pipeline are human assisted at present, the results clearly show that the proposed approach is capable of producing semantically meaningful and compelling summaries. Besides the obvious use of producing summaries of superior league matches for news broadcasts, we anticipate our work to promote greater awareness of the local matches and junior leagues by producing consumable summaries of them.

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