A Web-based Application for the Management of Seminar Assignments

Cristina Elena Turcu, Corneliu Octavian Turcu, Evelyne Graur

Seminar activities never occur randomly or in a vacuum. Carefully planned and well-organized thematically, they allow both undergraduates and graduates to explore in (more) detail various subject areas of particular interest to every individual or group. Discussion and participation characterize this form of learning, which is often supplemented by in-class presentations of previously assigned tasks. The preparation of assignments often presupposes a lot of self-study and research; it is desirable that the student group enrolled in the same seminar be able to share all points of view, results and conclusions. The present paper presents an information system designed to manage the assignments proposed in a seminar and balance students' individual study load. The system was developed in PHP language with all editable features stored in MySQL database for the best speed and performance results. With a modular organization, the system relies on various entities such as Student, Theme, Keyword, Reference, etc. The implemented procedures are enhanced by a user-friendly graphic interface (this will be described in another paper). The system is easy to use; it eliminates appointment dysfunctions, allows students to have their say in selecting/accepting a task and even to correlate their decision with the proposed date for presentation.

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