Dashbell: A Low-cost Smart Doorbell System for Home Use

Bradley Quadros, Ronit Kadam, Kartik Saxena, Wen Shen, Alfred Kobsa

Smart doorbells allow home owners to receive alerts when a visitor is at the door, see who the guest is, and communicate with the visitor from a smart device. They greatly improve people's life quality and contribute to the evolution of smart homes. However, the commercial smart doorbells are quite expensive, usually cost more than 190 US dollars, which is a substantial impediment on the pervasiveness of smart doorbells. To solve this problem, we introduce the Dashbell-a budget smart doorbell system for home use. It connects a WiFi-enabled device, the Amazon Dash Button, to a network and enables the home owner to answer the bell triggered by the dash button using a smartphone. The Dashbell system also enables fast fault detection and diagnosis due to its distributed framework.

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