On the Statistical Settings of Generation and Load in a Synthetic Grid Modeling

Seyyed Hamid Elyas, Zhifang Wang, Robert J. Thomas

This paper investigates the problem of generation and load settings in a synthetic power grid modeling of high-voltage transmission network, considering both electrical parameters and topology measures. Our previous study indicated that the relative location of generation and load buses in a realistic grid are not random but correlated. And an entropy based optimization approach has been proposed to determine a set of correlated siting for generation and load buses in a synthetic grid modeling. Using the exponential distribution of individual generation capacity or load settings in a grid, and the non-trivial correlation between the generation capacity or load setting and the nodal degree of a generation or load bus we develop an approach to generate a statistically correct random set of generation capacities and load settings, and then assign them to each generation or load bus in a grid.

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