Sparse OFDM: A Compressive Sensing Approach to Asynchronous Neighbor Discovery

Xu Chen, Dongning Guo, Gregory W. Wornell

A novel low-complexity wireless neighbor discovery scheme, referred to as sparse orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (sparse-OFDM) is proposed. One area of application is the "Internet of Things" (IoT). The number of devices is very large while every device accesses the network with a small probability, so the number of active devices in a frame is much smaller than the total local device population. Sparse OFDM is a one-shot transmission scheme with low complexity, which exploits both the parallel channel access offered by OFDM and the bursty nature of transmissions. When the transmission delay of each device is an integer number of symbol intervals, analysis and simulation show that sparse OFDM enables successful asynchronous neighbor discovery using a much smaller code length than random access schemes.

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