Information-Centric Wireless Networks with Mobile Edge Computing

Yuchen Zhou, F. Richard Yu, Jian Chen, Yonghong Kuo

In order to better accommodate the dramatically increasing demand for data caching and computing services, storage and computation capabilities should be endowed to some of the intermediate nodes within the network. In this paper, we design a novel virtualized heterogeneous networks framework aiming at enabling content caching and computing. With the virtualization of the whole system, the communication, computing and caching resources can be shared among all users associated with different virtual service providers. We formulate the virtual resource allocation strategy as a joint optimization problem, where the gains of not only virtualization but also caching and computing are taken into consideration in the proposed architecture. In addition, a distributed algorithm based on alternating direction method of multipliers is adopted to solve the formulated problem, in order to reduce the computational complexity and signaling overhead. Finally, extensive simulations are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed scheme under different system parameters.

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