Achieving Spectrum Efficient Communication Under Cross-Technology Interference

Shuai Wang, Zhimeng Yin, Song Min Kim, Tian He

In wireless communication, heterogeneous technologies such as WiFi, ZigBee and BlueTooth operate in the same ISM band.With the exponential growth in the number of wireless devices, the ISM band becomes more and more crowded. These heterogeneous devices have to compete with each other to access spectrum resources, generating cross-technology interference (CTI). Since CTI may destroy wireless communication, this field is facing an urgent and challenging need to investigate spectrum efficiency under CTI. In this paper, we introduce a novel framework to address this problem from two aspects. On the one hand, from the perspective of each communication technology itself, we propose novel channel/link models to capture the channel/link status under CTI. On the other hand, we investigate spectrum efficiency from the perspective by taking all heterogeneous technologies as a whole and building crosstechnology communication among them. The capability of direct communication among heterogeneous devices brings great opportunities to harmoniously sharing the spectrum with collaboration rather than competition.

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