Hamiltonicity is Hard in Thin or Polygonal Grid Graphs, but Easy in Thin Polygonal Grid Graphs

Erik D. Demaine, Mikhail Rudoy

In 2007, Arkin et al. initiated a systematic study of the complexity of the Hamiltonian cycle problem on square, triangular, or hexagonal grid graphs, restricted to polygonal, thin, superthin, degree-bounded, or solid grid graphs. They solved many combinations of these problems, proving them either polynomially solvable or NP-complete, but left three combinations open. In this paper, we prove two of these unsolved combinations to be NP-complete: Hamiltonicity of Square Polygonal Grid Graphs and Hamiltonicity of Hexagonal Thin Grid Graphs. We also consider a new restriction, where the grid graph is both thin and polygonal, and prove that Hamiltonicity then becomes polynomially solvable for square, triangular, and hexagonal grid graphs.

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