Codebook Based Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave Multiuser Systems

Shiwen He, Jiaheng Wang, Yongming Huang, Bjorn Ottersten, Wei Hong

In millimeter wave (mmWave) systems, antenna architecture limitations make it difficult to apply conventional fully digital precoding techniques but call for low cost analog radio-frequency (RF) and digital baseband hybrid precoding methods. This paper investigates joint RF-baseband hybrid precoding for the downlink of multiuser multi-antenna mmWave systems with a limited number of RF chains. Two performance measures, maximizing the spectral efficiency and the energy efficiency of the system, are considered. We propose a codebook based RF precoding design and obtain the channel state information via a beam sweep procedure. Via the codebook based design, the original system is transformed into a virtual multiuser downlink system with the RF chain constraint. Consequently, we are able to simplify the complicated hybrid precoding optimization problems to joint codeword selection and precoder design (JWSPD) problems. Then, we propose efficient methods to address the JWSPD problems and jointly optimize the RF and baseband precoders under the two performance measures. Finally, extensive numerical results are provided to validate the effectiveness of the proposed hybrid precoders.

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