Mathematical Programming formulations for the efficient solution of the $k$-sum approval voting problem

Diego Ponce, Justo Puerto, Federica Ricca, Andrea Scozzari

In this paper we address the problem of electing a committee among a set of $m$ candidates and on the basis of the preferences of a set of $n$ voters. We consider the approval voting method in which each voter can approve as many candidates as she/he likes by expressing a preference profile (boolean $m$-vector). In order to elect a committee, a voting rule must be established to `transform' the $n$ voters' profiles into a winning committee. The problem is widely studied in voting theory; for a variety of voting rules the problem was shown to be computationally difficult and approximation algorithms and heuristic techniques were proposed in the literature. In this paper we follow an Ordered Weighted Averaging approach and study the $k$-sum approval voting (optimization) problem in the general case $1 \leq k

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