Cloud Computing - Architecture and Applications

Jaydip Sen, Shanrong Zhao, Xiaoying Wang, Guojing Zhang, Mengqin Yang, Jian Wang, Yun Long, Sergey Andreev, Roman Florea, Aleksandr Ometov, Adam Surak, Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Muhammad Ahmad Ashraf, Waleed Tariq Sethi, Abdullah Alfakhri, Saleh Alshebeili, Amr Alasaad

In the era of Internet of Things and with the explosive worldwide growth of electronic data volume, and associated need of processing, analysis, and storage of such humongous volume of data, it has now become mandatory to exploit the power of massively parallel architecture for fast computation. Cloud computing provides a cheap source of such computing framework for large volume of data for real-time applications. It is, therefore, not surprising to see that cloud computing has become a buzzword in the computing fraternity over the last decade. This book presents some critical applications in cloud frameworks along with some innovation design of algorithms and architecture for deployment in cloud environment. It is a valuable source of knowledge for researchers, engineers, practitioners, and graduate and doctoral students working in the field of cloud computing. It will also be useful for faculty members of graduate schools and universities.

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