Balanced Stable Marriage: How Close is Close Enough?

Sushmita Gupta, Sanjukta Roy, Saket Saurabh, Meirav Zehavi

The Balanced Stable Marriage problem is a central optimization version of the classic Stable Marriage problem. Here, the output cannot be an arbitrary stable matching, but one that balances between the dissatisfaction of the two parties, men and women. We study Balanced Stable Marriage from the viewpoint of Parameterized Complexity. Our "above guarantee parameterizations" are arguably the most natural parameterizations of the problem at hand. Indeed, our parameterizations precisely fit the scenario where there exists a stable marriage that both parties would accept, that is, where the satisfaction of each party is "close" to the best it can hope for. Furthermore, our parameterizations accurately draw the line between tractability and intractability with respect to the target value.

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