Superposition de calques monochromes d'opacit\'es variables

Alexandre Bali

For a monochrome layer $x$ of opacity $0\le o_x\le1 $ placed on another monochrome layer of opacity 1, the result given by the standard formula is $$\small\Pi\left({\bf C}_\varphi\right)=1+\sum_{n=1}^2\left(2-n-(-1)^no_{\chi(\varphi+1)}\right)\left(\chi(n+\varphi-1)-o_{\chi(n+\varphi-1)}\right),$$ the formula being of course explained in detail in this paper. We will eventually deduce a very simple theorem, generalize it and then see its validity with alternative formulas to this standard containing the same main properties here exposed.

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