Deep Convolutional Framelet Denosing for Low-Dose CT via Wavelet Residual Network

Eunhee Kang, Jaejun Yoo, Jong Chul Ye

Model based iterative reconstruction (MBIR) algorithms for low-dose X-ray CT are computationally expensive. To address this problem, we recently proposed a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) for low-dose X-ray CT and won the second place in 2016 AAPM Low-Dose CT Grand Challenge. However, some of the texture were not fully recovered. To address this problem, here we propose a novel framelet-based denoising algorithm using wavelet residual network which synergistically combines the expressive power of deep learning and the performance guarantee from the framelet-based denoising algorithms. The new algorithms were inspired by the recent interpretation of the deep convolutional neural network (CNN) as a cascaded convolution framelet signal representation. Extensive experimental results confirm that the proposed networks have significantly improved performance and preserves the detail texture of the original images.

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