A Stable Coin with Pro-rated Rebasement and Price Manipulation Protection

Jose I. Orlicki

An existing pseudo-commodity and a smart contracts framework allow the creation of a purely automatic and self-sufficient price-stable cryptocurrency, without human intervention. This new currency, we denominated Toroid or TRD, can be used more extensively for commerce than pseudo commodity cryptocurrencies due to its lower volatility. Also, is suitable for investment, as the tokens in each account multiply, return interest, when the market grows. Like the controlled fiat money of a central bank plus the benefits of an inflation-adjusted perpetuity bond. Collateral in base coin, for example BTC or ETH, can be added to bootstrap your own Toroid investment or withdrawed after a very small investment period. So, the Toroids are not created from nothing nor have a limited monetary base. The minimum investment period can be very small, for example one day, and you keep the interest but you can return the Toroids and refund your collateral. That is a one-side only peg to a deflationary crypto-commodity. The stability is guaranteed by endogenous measurements of number of transactions and wallet pro-rated rebasement of balance to reduce volatility of price. Each account has its own rebasement due to the account creation timestamp. Rebasement control mechanism is progressive during initial bootstrap period because price manipulation protection is more severe when the capital involved is smaller. Rebasement has a quick positive start to incentivize early adopters that see only big growth in their TRD account during bootstrap period. Finally, the new rebasement control makes it economically infeasible for an attacker targeting the coin with manipulated transaction volume if we set the minimum rebasement greater than profits from massive currency manipulation.

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