Network Community Detection: A Review and Visual Survey

Bisma S. Khan, Muaz A. Niazi

Community structure is an important area of research. It has received a considerable attention from the scientific community. Despite its importance, one of the key problems in locating information about community detection is the diverse spread of related articles across various disciplines. To the best of our knowledge, there is no current comprehensive review of recent literature which uses a scientometric analysis using complex networks analysis covering all relevant articles from the Web of Science (WoS). Here we present a visual survey of key literature using CiteSpace. The idea is to identify emerging trends besides using network techniques to examine the evolution of the domain. Towards that end, we identify the most influential, central, as well as active nodes using scientometric analyses. We examine authors, key articles, cited references, core subject categories, key journals, institutions, as well as countries. The exploration of the scientometric literature of the domain reveals that Yong Wang is a pivot node with the highest centrality. Additionally, we have observed that Mark Newman is the most highly cited author in the network. We have also identified that the journal, "Reviews of Modern Physics" has the strongest citation burst. In terms of cited documents, an article by Andrea Lancichinetti has the highest centrality score. We have also discovered that the origin of the key publications in this domain is from the United States. Whereas Scotland has the strongest and longest citation burst. Additionally, we have found that the categories of "Computer Science" and "Engineering" lead other categories based on frequency and centrality respectively.

Knowledge Graph



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