Equidistant Polarizing Transforms

Sinan Kahraman

We consider non-binary polarization transform problem of polar codes. The focus of this work is on finding equidistant (or almost equidistant) polarizing transforms to maximize the minimum distance and to approach the equidistant distant spectrum bound as a function of signal set. This bound is an ultimate limit and tight for additive white Gaussian channels. In this way, polarization of error probability for the good channel is improved while the bad channel is almost the same for a given signal set. Our main result is that the polarization speed is increased by using polarizing transform with an improved distance profile. A non-binary polarization transform for q = 5 is found that can provide the equidistant distant spectrum bound. Almost equidistant polarization transforms for q = 4, 6, 7 and 8 are introduced for PSK signal sets. As a private solution, we provided new geometries for the signal set design to define the equidistant transform for q = 3 and q = 4 for one and two dimensional signalings. We proposed a procedure to design transforms that have better distance profiles for q-ary signal sets. Finally, we show improvements in frame error rates.

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