On Designing A Questionnaire Based Legacy-UI Honeyword Generation Approach For Achieving Flatness

Nilesh Chakraborty, Shreya Singh, Samrat Mondal

Modern trend sees a lot usage of \textit{honeywords} (or fake password) for protecting the original passwords in the password file. However, the usage of \textit{honeywords} has strongly been criticized under the different security and usability parameters. Though many of these issues have been successfully resolved, research in this domain is still facing difficulties in \textit{achieving flatness} (or producing the equally probable \textit{honeywords} with reference to the original password). Though recent studies have made a significant effort to meet this criterion, we show that they either fall short or are based on some unrealistic assumptions. To practically fulfill this flatness criterion, we propose a questionnaire-oriented authentication system based on the episodic (or long term) memory of the users. Our study reveals that proposed mechanism is capable of generating significantly improved flatter list of \textit{honeywords} compared to the existing protocols. The subsequent discussion shows that the proposed system also overcomes all the limitations of the existing state of arts with no lesser than $95\%$ goodness.

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