On a Feedback Control-based Mechanism of Bidding for Cloud Spot Service

Zheng Li, Maria Kihl, Anders Robertsson

As a cost-effective option for Cloud consumers, spot service has been considered to be a significant supplement for building a full-fledged market economy for the Cloud ecosystem. However, unlike the static and straightforward way of trading on-demand and reserved Cloud services, the market-driven regulations of employing spot service could be too complicated for Cloud consumers to comprehensively understand. In particular, it would be both difficult and tedious for potential consumers to determine suitable bids from time to time. To reduce the complexity in applying spot resources, we propose to use a feedback control to help make bidding decisions. Based on an arccotangent-function-type system model, our novel bidding mechanism imitates fuzzy and intuitive human activities to refine and issue new bids according to previous errors. The validation is conducted by using Amazon's historical spot price trace to perform a set of simulations and comparisons. The result shows that the feedback control-based mechanism obtains a better trade-off between bidding rationality and success rate than the other five comparable strategies. Although this mechanism is only for black-box bidding (price prediction) at this current stage, it can be conveniently and gradually upgraded to take into account external constraints in the future.

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